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Video Series has Begun!

Soooo, artists have had a tough year. We all have, but many professional singers and actresses have been completely separated from their work. We already dreamed of a "video book" version of Witches and Bitches and Fairy Tales for Bad Girls, with talented performers bringing the poems and stories to life on camera. But we never thought it would happen when theaters and productions were closed. We decided to hit the gas instead of the brakes, and try to get as many artists hired as we could to perform these books, these words, these stories. And the creative gifts we've had so generously shared have exceeded even our crazy imaginations!

How we bring the words off the page

The original vision was hiring actors, singers, dancers - any kind of artist you can think of - to perform a creative reinterpretation of the poems and stories from our two most recent collections. Our words, their spirit. And every time we receive a new collaboration video, it blows us away. The vision keeps expanding. We publish the videos straight to our new Youtube channel, and share them everywhere we can!

Calling all Witches! (and our beloved Bitches)

Are you a magical, no-bullshit bada**? A reader, writer, singer, actress, poet, or just all-around creative free spirit? 'Cause we might want you for our next video. You can contact us here to get more information on the program and submit to be a reader.

See, hear, experience the books in a new way!

Want to see the videos? We would love you to let us know what you think. Inspire us with suggestions for improvement. Explore the words of Jennifer Grym in a whole new way. We'll keep posting about new video releases here, as well on Facebook and Instagram. In the meantime, we'll just embed our "Bringing the Page to Life" series below :)

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